Family psychotherapy, or family therapy, is the process where the therapist works with 2 or more members of a family unit. The family unit is defined by the client and this does not always mean individuals who are biological relatives.

You may be seeking family therapy if you are having difficulty with healthy communication and common understanding, experiencing a negative atmosphere in the home, feeling overwhelmed as a family unit, having difficulty expressing needs and supporting each other, worried about a child’s behavior, getting a divorce or separation, or simply seeking to create a stronger bond with each other.

For family therapy, the therapist’s relationship is not with any one particular individual but rather with “the family”. Sessions typically take place with everyone present.

We typically recommend 80-minute sessions, and one session per week.

For family therapy we recommend to start with a 20-minute intake consultation, followed by 50-minute sessions with each individual person, prior to starting the 80-minute family sessions.