Serenity Psychotherapy Clinic provides psychotherapy services to individuals (teens, adults, and older adults), couples, and families.

We currently provide both in-person as well as virtual sessions.


Our mission at Serenity Psychotherapy Clinic is to walk alongside the clients and support them in the process of overcoming challenges and achieving goals.


Our vision at Serenity Psychotherapy Clinic is to promote health and improve the quality of life of our clients through an integrative approach to mental health.


Safety– creating a confidential and non-judgemental environment is essential to the therapeutic bond and progress.

Resilience– in facing challenges it may be valuable to remain flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. This often is realized through emotional regulation and mental processing.

Growth– personal journeys of growth rarely happen in a straight line. Promoting curiosity, insight, and realizing blind spots can all be helpful in achieving growth and potential.

Transformation– healthy change is typically the goal most clients choose to go to therapy, encouraging exploration and learning skills are essential to maintain long-term transformations.

Serenity– finding that inner peace and tranquility is what defines most individual mental health journeys, feeling serene may be key to inspiring that special journey of healing or growth.

Meet Ahmad Shihab

Serenity Psychotherapy Clinic was founded by Ahmad Shihab in 2022. Given the recent rise in incidence and prevalence rates of mental health problems, the need for the essential services of psychotherapy has become increasingly apparent. At Serenity Psychotherapy clinic we follow a personalized approach in supporting our clients achieve their therapeutic goals. We conceptualize this as a process where the therapist creates a safe and trusting environment where the client is able to reflect, realize potential, and gain insight into their growth journey.