Serenity Psychotherapy Clinic was founded by Ahmad Shihab, a qualifying registered psychotherapist in the province of Ontario. From an early age, Ahmad realized his passion was to help others. Ahmad’s diverse ethnocultural background allowed him the opportunity to grow up in 3 very different cultures, be exposed to 4 different languages at home and multiple religious beliefs. This environment allowed Ahmad to realize flexibility, non-judgement, and remain curious when meeting people. An excellent skill to possess as a therapist allowing him to form strong and impactful therapeutic alliances.

Ahmad spent a substantial portion of his adulthood in post-secondary education and exploring various jobs in the wellness industry to find his true calling in the field of clinical psychology, specifically psychotherapy. Soon after graduating with a M.A. in counselling psychology, Ahmad decided to launch Serenity Psychotherapy Clinic to increase the accessibility of this essential health service across Ontario. Ahmad approaches psychotherapy with a holistic integrative view to create long-lasting positive changes for the client. Ahmad has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of populations and presenting problems; and is highly skilled at the application of most major psychotherapeutic modalities such as CBT, DBT, EFT, and mindfulness to name a few.